Poem #4


After all that’s said
Your words still bleed into me

Rage and war
Rising inside
I was your whore
How I want to die

Tears fall
I hear the screams
Inside myself
Down a hollow hall
I go down this road again
Through a clotted rotted hell

I was your prize
Your sacrifice
At the altar of your greed
I would have given anything for you
To you

You took me apart
Purged me of myself
Put me together again
You only gave me
The nothingness of lies

One thought on “Poem #4

  1. Wow. This really hits deep. As deep as it has ever gotten with poems. Not spiritually, but personally. My first relationship, with a person I later found out had emotionally unstable personality disorder. Then again, birds of a feather flock together and, emotions not being a subject dealt with properly in my family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. How to proceed? That’s why I’m here, on this page.


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